Holly West hails from SoCal (not Porn Valley), and even though she's 28 years old, you'd swear she's 19. For a long time she's been a handjob enthusiast ("I like working for my reward!"), and I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out she agreed to come give a Manojob to some random dude. Holly's a firm believer in Handjobs. She loves them. Holly calls them "great" and "sexy...but not dangerous, and they're sensual without being personal, and I love to work for a man's load. Does any of this make sense?" Holly doesn't just use her hand, either. She slowly caresses Stunt Cock, tickling with her fingers, teasing and stroking until it squirts all over. She sums up her scene: "I haven't seen a dick erupt like that for a long, long time. Talk about crazy!!!"

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