I have a confession to make you guys. A terrible one at that. You see, I've been leading a misleading life. Why, you ask? Well, on the outside, I'm a good girl. For example, I only did it with the lights out in missionary position. I seldom sucked dick, and I never swallow. Doggy style? Ha! Nope. And forget about anal. Then, I got into porno. So I guess you could call me a closet slut, and guess what? You get to witness my slutty behavior first hand. With your own eyes. I mean seriously...look at the way I'm dressed. Look at my pants! Of course I'll pull them down for you. And yes, I'll beat you off. Only make me one promise. That you blow it all over my pretty face. OOhhhhh thank you! Thank you SO MUCH. Now it's your turn to jerk for me. ; - ) XOXOXOX -- Victoria Lawson

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