Hi Guys! My name is Leigh Livingston, I'm 24 years old, and I'm a total slut for handjobs. To me, handjobs aren't really sex, you know? Don't get me wrong, they're hot! I love the feel of my hand working the load out of a long shaft and balls! The reason I say it's not really sex to give a man a handjob is my way of not making me feel guilty after, say, giving 5 or 6 guys handies at the bar after they buy me a drink. I'll sneak into the men's room and just jerk off a total stranger! I'm serious. I do it all the time. Today, at Manojob, I walk on set, and my pussy is already dripping wet cause I don't know the guy they hired for me to jerk, and he walks on set with a raging boner, and it's my job to make him feel all better, even if that means having him unload all over my 36 C's (they're a FULL C) or my pretty face...which is exactly how it went down! :) XOXO - Leigh

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