My name is Tera Dice, and for some reason people say I look like Scarlett Johansen. I don't think I do, but whatever. I've never really done anything naughty in front of a camera before. Really, I haven't. I was totally nervous, cause I didn't know how I'd do, and I was worried people I know would discover me. But Fuck It! Hee hee. I decided to do a handjob for my very first scene, and I'm really glad I did! Handjobs are hot. They really are. BJs and fucking are way too easy to make a boy blow his load. Try using your hand and nothing else! That's what I do today!! Well, I also talk really dirty so you can beat off while you watch me get all slutty! :) Do you think I should be in more movies? XOXO -- Tera Dice

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