Anny Aurora attends university in Southern California. She\'s a psychology major. In order to get a little side money, she\'s a German tutor. She\'s been hired by the Athletic department to get some of the jocks through their German classes. Anny loves athletes, and she\'s always horny, too. What\'s that mean? Well, just listen to Annie in her sexy intro: short skirts and flimsy tops and never, ever, bras or panties!! And if she likes you? Well, then sure, pull it out and show it to her! She\'ll even encourage a jack off session, and Anny loves instructing men on how she wants to watch them beat off, too! If she\'s really horny? Well, then Anny will take over. But always remember, it\'s just a handie -- no sucking or fucking!! After all, Anny doesn\'t want to lose her job!

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