Hi! I'm Audrey, and I'm here today to give someone a handjob, cause I'm a handjob slut. I've been a slut for handjobs for a long time now...as long as I can remember. Back when I was in school I was so naughty! See, to me a handjob really isn't "sex", you know? That means I'll give *anyone* a handie, and that's pretty much all I ever did. I didn't really care who I was jerking, just as long as I was jerking someone. Young or old, fat or skinny...if you had a dick between your legs, I was jerking it! You're gonna love today's show...trust me. I jerked a stranger for you guys...someone I met about 2 minutes before I worked the load out of his nuts...and trust me, it was work...with a big reward. All over my face!

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