You already know my name is Lexi and I\'m a southern girl. You know that cause I\'ve been here before! You also know I\'m less that 5 feet tall, and I weigh less than 90 pounds. And since this is my second time at, y\'all know I love to jerk. I\'ll admit one thing right here and now...I\'m a size queen. That means I love them big. The bigger the better!! Since I\'m a tiny little thing, big dicks look even bigger when I\'m jerkin\' them, and they really fill up my tiny pink hole. I work a huge load out of the big-dicked dude I jerked today, and then I swallowed it all...but it was *so* big I gagged on it a little bit. Hope you don\'t mind! I also hope I can cum back to work for the thugz again! ; - ) Hugs & Kisses -- Lexi Leigh

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