So I'm walking down the street feeling kinda shitty cause, probably like you, I'm out of work. Totally sucks! Anyways, I see a sign for work. Work. As in totally manual labor. It's work that involves using your hands only. Well, I can use the rest of my body...kinda. I mean I can get nude and show you my body as I do this job. It's a fun job. It usually ends up to be a messy job, too. It's a job I can also use my cute voice, too. This means I can talk while doing this job. I will say I talk very naughty while doing this job. This job requires that, in addition to being naked, I talk very, very dirty. At the end of this job I get fed some protein. This comes directly from the source. What kind of job is this? It's a manojob! Hee hee hee...I'm such a dork ; - 0

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