You know the old saying? The one about girls who wear glasses? It goes: \"Guys don\'t make passes at girls who wear glasses.\" Now tell me something, Stud...would you make a pass at me? I sure hope so. You know why? I\'m an insatiable girl. I can\'t get it enough. I\'m horny all the time. I love to suck and fuck. I love jerking cock. You know why? It\'s almost non-sexual. You know what I mean? Since I grew up a nice Catholic girl, naughty isn\'t nice. I can\'t help being naughty. I can jerk off a complete stranger at a bar and not feel so naughty. Does this make sense? Cause I do it all the time. I\'ll jack cock just to see how fast I can make it squirt. Or to see the guy\'s expression as he sprays his fat load all over my hands. Today I take in the face...cause it\'s the best way to take a load!

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