Well hello everyone! My name is Nikki Rhoades. Some of you might know me from my own, personal website. Some might know me from some of the scenes I've shot. Some might be meeting me for the first time! Well, if this is your first time, hello...and welcome to My World! I'm a dirty girl that loves to do naughty things. The best part of the whole deal is I don't look dirty or naughty. Gosh do I love to jerk on cock! I'm so fucking serious. The feel of a man's dick in my hands makes my pussy shudder. When I spit all over it, then it's even better. Today I spit like a truck driver all over the cock I'm stroking until I milk it for what it's worth all over my beautiful natural titties. I know you're gonna love this scene, so what are you waiting for?

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