Wow! I just you guys really liked me, cause like a day after the shoot Billy called me and said come back for a big fat facial! The members demand it! LOL! I love you guys! Thanks so much for having me back. I guess you liked the first one, but today you want to see my face coated in the white stuff, huh? No problem! I'm a naughty girl, and if I was your girl, I'd let you do whatever you want. Really, I would. Want to give me a facial? OK. You're the boss! The guy I Manojobbed today had three days of back up, so it's good I drained me, cause he really needed it! Look what he did to me! OMG it was huge. If you're a fan of "the money shot" I think you're gonna like this one, too? Vote me back for a third, ok? Doesn't Manojob have a blowjob site, too? (wink wink).

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