Heya boyz! I'm Tori. Tori Paige. I don't know if you've ever heard of me, but I'm 19, I'm from the South, and I love sex. I'm really slutty. I have been for a long time. One of the sexiest things I can do is jerk a guy off. I love using my hands to make a dick squirt. It's a job! That's why they call it a hand job. No! A Mano Job! Hee hee. I like to use a lot of lube, or a lot of spit, to make my dick slippery and sweet. Then, I go to work. I stroke. I tug. I use my nails. I use my hands. I use my sweet, sexy voice, and I say a lot of unladylike things. Really nasty things. Today I look right in the camera and eye fuck you. I also talk like a hussy. I do this until you blow. It's as simple as that! ; - ) XOXO Tori Paige

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