Good morning baby! Did you sleep well? I'm glad you did! Oh...and what's that in your pants? Morning wood? You know I have no problem taking care of that, baby! Let me just pull down your underwear and go to work. First, I'll pull out the slippery lube from our sex drawer next to the bed. Then I'll get you out of those underwear. I'll warm my hands up, rubbing them together with some of the lube I just squirted in them. After that I'll stroke the shaft and rub those full balls. Wow they're big! I'm so sorry I haven't made you cum in 2 days...but I'll fix that. In fact, I'll drop to my knees by the side of our bed and jerk that big load all over my face! You know I love nothing more than your hot, sticky load all over my face. Thank you baby! Now go shower up and I'll have your breakfast ready when you get out...and yes, it's your favorite!

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