Billy here. We got an interesting e-mail that lead to an interesting FedEx package which arrived at the Manojob headquarters late Tuesday night. From time to time we get members asking if they could share their home made footage with us, and almost always it's BS. In fact, I'd say it's ALWAYS BS...until said package arrived. In it was a tape and a CD-R filled with pictures of a naughty, naughty couple who happen to be big fans of the site. While we were extremely happy with Wfiey's looks, we weren't thrilled with the way Hubby had to prop the camera on a tripod for his massive pop shot; however, it's rare to get a good glimpse into a real amateur couples' bedroom, so we're posting the footage.. "I shake too much when I cum!" Hubby said in a follow-up e-mail. We all know that feeling...right? Maybe next time I can fly to Nebraska and hold the camera right up close while Wifey gets plastered in jizz? Anyways, enjoy!!

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