My name is Mackenzie Star and I'm what you call a "Midwestern girl". I'm from the heart of our great country, and when it's all said and done, I guess the best way to describe me in one word would be "simple". I'm all about meat-and-potatoes. I'm all about Fords and Chevys. I'm all about Saturday Nights in small towns, cruising with my man, and giving him a hand job while he's driving! Maybe while we're parked! Handjobs are simple, and yet they're not. They take work on my part. I use my hands and my soft voice to make a guy squirt, just like I'm going to do today. I *love* teasing. I'll put a dick in my sweet mouth (and sweeter pussy) for a minute just to watch your eyes bug out! Hee hee. That's what I do today, right before a catch a load in my face!

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