Hi boys! I am Nikki Anne. I just got asked this morning to do a handjob for Manojob! We came early in the morning and knocked out a great scene! I haven't done a lot of "porno" work. I have done some mainstream modeling, but the porn thing totally turns me on cause, deep down inside, I'm a very naughty girl! It's so fun being nice and sweet on the outside and a total freak behind closed doors! I love seeing the expression on a man's face when he witnesses me going from, say, innocent student in college to dirty filthy slut in the men's room at college! Oh no, I'm not making that up! The last naughty thing I did was follow a boy into the men's room at the library in the middle of an all-niter" during finals week...where I got into a stall with him and jerked his cock, just to relieve a little of that built-up stress we all hold. You shoulda seen the load! Just like today's! ; - ) LOL

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